List of up coming reviews….

Here are the first three apps I’ll review,
I’ll do my best to keep all the apps I try at onetime diverse so it doesn’t get redundant. This week I’ve decided to review a serious, a stylish, and a silly.
The serious…
•Wordpress: the very app I’m using to blog with. So far I’m liking it.
The stylish…
•Cloth: categorize, organize, and remember your favorite outfits from your closet. This one will take some commitment from me but I’m up for it.
The silly…
•Cupidtino: this is a dating app geared towards apple product lovers. Don’t have high expectations for this one. But it should be entertaining.

Check back in soon with updates,
Ruka 💋




Being a computerless woman in a computerful world

Ruka here, I have a confession, I do not own a computer. Ok I said it, I don’t own a computer and it’s all because I am an apple snob. I can’t afford an apple computer of any kind so I refuse to buy anything else, there for I live my life on my iPhone.
I check and write all emails, keep up on the news, post to all social media, and it’s all quite easy thanks to Apps. Because of my lack of laptop I have decided to embrace my iPhone addiction and blog reviews about the apps.
I’m no expert on apps, how they are made, or what goes into them, actually I have am quite he opposite, I’m just a semitechy person forming opinions and writing them down.
We’ll see how this works out.
Wish me luck,
Ruka. 💋